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Ben Carson Just Dropped A TON OF BRICKS On Joe Biden!

Here we are, five months into the first (hopefully last) term of Joe Biden, and we are already encountering some serious problems. Americans continue to watch as Joe Biden appears to be doing everything wrong. Indeed, in just a few short months that he’s been in office, it seems like he has totally reversed everything good that we were enjoying during the Trump years.


However, what do we expect? Donald Trump did indeed warn the country, so isn’t it amazing that anyone would have voted for Loony Joe?


That is because now the economy is fragmenting, there are businesses who cannot find workers, the border continues to be a disaster, and there are now even problems that are exploding on the overseas front as well.


Now, even the normally soft-spoken Ben Carson is calling out President Biden for his inept management of these issues. There is no question that the swamp is back, and under Joe Biden it is flourishing. However, President Joe might be doing well wrecking this country, but the average Joe sure isn’t.


According to Fox News, the worst isn’t over yet. One word, folks: inflation. That’s where we’re headed. Inflation, which is better known as an increase in the prices of goods and services, but not an increase in the corresponding finances to spend it on. This present and coming inflation is going to harm the poorest among us, eroding purchasing power and causing some serious problems for those who are low-skilled workers.


Joe Biden dumped over a trillion dollars of “free money” into our country in the form of stimulus checks, and we all gladly took it. However, is this going to create more problems than it solves?


The problem is that Biden gave out all those “stimulus” checks and unemployment perks, without being able to pay for it.


His “relief” bill was simply based on extending our national debt, but the problem with that is there will come a time where we have to pay for that. Additionally, you can’t just magically make 1.7 trillion dollars appear out of nowhere because it will make the value of the dollar plummet.


Instead of helping the economy, this is the equivalent of Biden having a loaded gun, except he isn’t a 77-year-old, but a seven-year-old instead. Ben Carson knows that it is a recipe for disaster, and he is exposing it. This move is going to hurt the poor and working-class the most. Those who were already wealthy will simply absorb the inflation and barely even notice it.


When you couple this with problems with the Keystone Pipeline, the ban of drilling on federal land, and other terrible plans, the prices will continue to skyrocket. Any hopes of recovery are going to be dashed because of Joe Biden’s inept leadership.


Ben Carson and every other conservative realizes something that hopefully even liberals will eventually realize: this Joe ain’t no Joe Namath, folks!


What do you think about Ben Carson’s commentary on Joe Biden? Your comments would be appreciated!




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