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Gropin Cuomo Caught Backpedaling Once Again! He’s DONE!

Andrew Cuomo is the right person to lead New York State through this perilous COVID-19 crisis. His leadership is unparalleled, and he would do everything in his power to get New York State back on track. I don’t know whether to throw up in my mouth a little or laugh hysterically when I type those satirical words. Obviously, Governor Cuomo is none of these things, and the man continues to dig himself a hole when it comes to this nursing home crisis within his state.


Even though the man is not very bright and he is a terrible leader, in a weird kind of way you have to admire him. See, in this instance he is definitely sticking to his guns. Even though he is embroiled in the middle of this nursing home controversy he continues to claim, “I did nothing wrong.”


He issued this statement in response to the Scandal about the under-reporting of COVID-19 deaths in his state’s nursing home facilities. Their statement also came on the heels of a news conference where he was asked “whether he would support an independent investigation specifically into the alleged nursing home cover up as families in the Square in New York state continue to protest?”


“I’ve already told all of the New Yorkers where I am,” he said. “I simply didn’t do anything wrong so I’m not resigning, period. I continue to do my job everyday.”


Aida Pabey is the daughter of a woman who died in a New York nursing home during this coronavirus crisis. She shared her thoughts regarding Governor Cuomo’s statement Wednesday on the Fox news program “Fox & Friends First”. Pabey said that the governor is tone deaf and he “just causes more pain every time he speaks.”


Throughout this crisis, the governor has refused to resign, and the pressure for him to do so is now reaching declining a bit. However, Pabey has called for that pressure to be stepped up once again.


“He received an Emmy and that should be taken away from him for how he has handled this crisis,” she said. “For us there is no closure. No closure at all.”


Pabey continued. “They left my mom to die, my brother and I were not allowed to see her. They told us that we could not go upstairs where she was and we tried. My brother and I were not able to say goodbye. To make matters worse, we weren’t even able to have a proper burial.”


This continued scandal comes on the heels of Governor Cuomo live-streaming his announcement that many parts of the state would be reopening beginning May 19th. However, he strongly admonished New Yorkers who did not take the vaccine. He said during the live event, “You might go and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing her.” Well, that’s a bit hypocritical for him to say considering that he can’t even handle a nursing home crisis during this health scare!


Of course, when you couple this nursing home crisis with the fact that many New York officials swear that an accurate count was not provided early on, you have a real problem for governor Andrew Cuomo. However, Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa was quick to do damage control. First of all, she said that the Cuomo team wasn’t sure who they should give the count to, and secondly, she said that they weren’t sure how to do it in a manner where it wouldn’t be used against them. If this mismanagement was all there was, it alone would be grounds for Cuomo to resign. But when you add in the fact that he’s been accused many different times of sexual harassment, the question remains: why is this man still in office?


What are your thoughts on this? As always, your comments would be appreciated!






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