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Kamala Landed And They Made Her Wish She Stayed Home!

It looks like Kamala Harris has had some errands to do. She recently took her motorcade to Milwaukee on Tuesday in order to promote President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan. However, there was just one problem: apparently, she experienced a reception that was, in a word, ice-cold. Apparently, this would-be “cult of personality” is not as popular as she thinks!

First of all, the vice president’s motorcade did not generate very much positive enthusiasm among the residents. It did, however, generate some action from a small group of protesters. These individuals were from Americans for Prosperity and they gave her a good welcoming committee. Needless to say, it’s probably not what she wanted. Well, boo hoo hoo for Kamala.

Harris’ main stop was to visit the University of Wisconsin, which houses Milwaukee’s clean energy Laboratories. She was wanting to highlight the impact of the Biden Administration’s American jobs plan, which is a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal. She was tasked with showing people the impact it could make in that area.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” she reportedly told WISN-TV. “There are people out there that are going to say that that is too much, it’s too high and amount . But when did we last invest? We need to do a lot of catching up.” Understandable, but just like a lot of other liberals, Harris has this bad habit of throwing money at a situation instead of offering real and lasting solutions.

Of course, this visit to the University of Milwaukee comes on the hills of it being more than 40 days since she was tasked by President Joe Biden to address the root causes of the spike and immigration and the border crisis problem. Well, well, well…, just what is it she is doing in Wisconsin? Interestingly enough, the Wisconsin GOP pointed out that she should have been visiting the border instead! Good point!

Of course, if you think that the Republican party of Wisconsin is composed of some intelligent professionals you would be absolutely right. You see, they did not stop there. They continued to take Kamala Harris to task by saying the following:

“Shouldn’t Kamala Harris be visiting the Southern border since it has been almost a month and a half since she was appointed by Biden to manage this border crisis? How is it she still hasn’t found time to address this problem that has spiraled out of control?” Wisconsin GOP chairman Andrew Hitt said. “To make matters worse, she is promoting this wasteful 6 trillion dollar tax and spending plan that will just saddle our children with insurmountable debt!”

Do you agree with his assessment of this situation? Your comments would be appreciated!


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