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It’s Getting Worse! Biden Just Kept On Slurring And Nobody Stopped Him!

I’ll just cut to the chase here: President Biden’s verbal gaffes continue to get worse. He was delivering a speech, and for a full 41 seconds, he was stumbling and slurring over his words and mistaking the word “millions” for “thousands.” He was attempting to discuss how hard the coronavirus has hit the restaurant industry, but the message was lost in translation and didn’t resonate at all. Moreover, it continues to lead both his critics and supporters alike to think he might be having some type of cognitive decline.

First of all, the conservative news outlet the Daily Wire sarcastically posted a video of the president’s struggles with the caption, “Everything is normal.” Moreover, there were several points in President Biden’s delivery where he seemed a bit confused and spaced out. Of course, there are more than a few liberal supporters who are once again writing President Biden’s struggles.

For instance, liberal supporter Ali Shahbaz wrote in Forbes in November that any instance of a verbal gaffe from President Biden is only due to the stutter that he has had since his childhood, and that the president is “an inspiration to those with disabilities.”

“There were various points within the presidential campaign where Biden received a disconcerting amount of criticism from those who seemed to have no knowledge of true disabilities,” Shahbaz wrote.

“There were some who attributed Biden’s stutter to ‘mental decline’ and there were others who even questioned Biden’s mental fitness to run for the Presidency. Still, some felt that his verbal missteps were just ‘gaffes.'”

In reality, it could boil down to two different things at the same time: some of Biden’s verbal gaffes could be due to his stutter, and some of it could be due to his age and a decline in mental sharpness.

Yet, for the liberals and for supporters of President Biden, it’s all of nothing. Either Biden is fully mentally on top of things, or he is not. And considering the fact that the man has dealt with a stutter for his whole entire life, that must mean that any criticism of the president’s verbal missteps must be from evil Republicans.

“Biden’s illustrates that he has an open display of vulnerability,” Shahbaz wrote. “His opponents will unapologetically attack him for this and will capitalize on any weakness. THis is simply the law of the jungle.”

However, the truth of the matter is that Biden is a man who is likely experiencing mental and physical decline and he will use the fact that he has suffered from a stutter for most of life as a “catch-all” for most of his communication problems. However, having a president that cannot communicate well is dangerous for our country. It is dangerous for his own health as well.

Indeed, some of the more moderate Republicans are not criticizing out of malice. Believe it or not, they are just showing concern. “I can just tell from a distance that the man is not doing well,” one senator said. Others are actually angry at Democrats for their refusal to acknowledge that something might be wrong with their president. Still, there are others who believe that the democrats are merely keeping him in there as long as they can so that they can get the 25th Amendment to kick in so that the ultra-liberal Vice President Kamala can be in charge! These are perilous times we are living in indeed, and all because the Democrats couldn’t stomach the former president being too blunt!

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