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What Florida’s Governor Just Did For First Responders Is AMAZING!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to prove to individuals everywhere that he is a paragon of the American way. He recently signed a bill that gives first responders everywhere a $1,000 bonus! I am proud to say that at the time that this was reported, there were well over 174,000 first responders across the state of Florida. These would include police officers, EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters. Here are the details of this top-notch move by Governor DeSantis:

“Supporting our first responders and our law enforcement has always been a top priority for me and my administration. We want to take care of this because over the course of the past year we realized that it was never more important than now,” Governor DeSantis said. “As a state, we continue to be grateful for the continual service these men and women give to our communities.”

He continued, “Although this one-time bonus is just a small token of appreciation, we know that we never can go too far to express our gratitude for the selflessness of these first responders.”

Florida Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshall Jimmy Patronis also lauded the governor’s generous decision. He said that the state’s first responders have always performed with “distinction and honor” and they have truly distinguished themselves as heroes during the pandemic crisis.

“When Florida began getting their first coronavirus cases, we noticed that the first responders worked overtime to make sure that everyone’s needs were met. We notice all of the time that these first responders will work tirelessly 24/7 and 365 days a year to help those in need,” Patronis said. “These bonus checks that Governor DeSantis has authorized from the state legislature mean a lot to first responders and their families. It definitely means a lot to these heroes to get some recognition for their tireless devotion to their jobs.”

“Of course, there are some individuals who want to defund the police and other first responders,” DeSantis wrote in a Wednesday tweet. “In Florida, we are not only funding them but we are helping them with an extra $1,000 bonus. We are extending this gesture to all 174,000 first-responder professionals across the state.”

Kudos to Governor DeSantis for showing us all where our priorities should be!

What do you think about this excellent gesture by Governor DeSantis? Your comments would be appreciated!


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