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Nickelodeon CAUGHT Spewing Liberal Propaganda To Small Children!

Ah, Nickelodeon. That mainstay of children’s programming for those who were born in the ’80s and ’90s. Well, apparently when it comes to liberals, nothing is sacred anymore. In a recent segment, Nickelodeon was caught spewing liberal propaganda about the nth degree! They released this programming to Twitter, and it was made up of liberal propaganda featuring various celebrities who were discussing how they were more eco-conscious during their daily lives. It’s bad enough that they portray fraudulent climate change activist Greta Thunberg in a positive light, but this seven-minute teaser they released as advertising for a later hour-long special had many facts that were just glaringly inaccurate.
How is this inaccurate? Well, I’m glad you asked.
Apparently, in the “Nick News” segment of the program, there are several bald-faced lies and mischaracterizations, and there were so many people that got wind of this that Nickelodeon actually had to shut down the Twitter postings for this! For example, in one piece, they discuss how hog farms only seem to go into places where there are people of color. They used Duplin County, North Carolina as one example, and they had one interviewee who discussed how the waste from the hog farm was getting into their water and pipelines.
However, there was a Twitter user who destroyed this claim, saying that Duplin County, NC is “actually 70% white and is not even close to being the poorest county.” Additionally, this Twitter user said that the lagoon that Nickelodeon claimed was polluting Duplin County’s water was actually being used to “eliminate the feces by breaking the waste down into a nutrient-based fertilizer.”
So no, this isn’t environmental racism In fact, there was another Twitter user that said that just because immigrants from difficult countries tend to gravitate towards dirty-but-high-paying industries has nothing to do with “environmental racism” but everything to do with the fact that they simply want to help their families as any other individual would.
This “woke” activism just shows the dystopia that we continue to live in. Gone are the days where Nickelodeon was simply filled with kid-friendly fun. Gone are the days where this television channel was devoted to sliming celebrities or having awesome animation and great cartoons such as “”Doug”, “Rugrats”, “Rocko’s Modern Life”, “Real Monsters” and many others. They even had some fun game shows like “GUTS”, “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and others. Couple that with cutting-edge and coming-of-age dramas such as “Salute Your Shorts” and “Clarissa Explains It All.” Indeed, growing up is tough, but now it’s even tougher when we have to deal with liberal propaganda.
As an individual who recalls watching these shows (and remembers how they kept me out of trouble!) all I have to say is “Why, Nickelodeon? Why?”
Is nothing sacred anymore?
Apparently not. But as always, your comments are appreciated.

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