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D.C. Mayor Just Quietly Made Brand New Mask Ruling!

Although it didn’t come with very much fanfare, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is easing the mask mandates from those who have been fully vaccinated from the coronavirus.

The mayor’s office proceeded to release some updated guidance related to mask policies within the District of Columbia. She placed particular focus on those who have received both doses. Moreover, these new vaccine rules also apply to those who have taken any brand of the shot-Moderna, Pfizer, or just one dose of the Johnson & Johnson shot. Indeed, there is a section called “Special Rules for Persons Who are Fully Vaccinated,” and the new guidance notes that unless an individual is showing a tremendous amount of COVID-19 symptoms or has actually been diagnosed with the disease, a fully vaccinated individual can do a number of things, including the following:

Gather indoors without a mask and with other fully vaccinated people without having to stay six feet apart.
Gather indoors with unvaccinated people of any age from a maximum of one other household.
Travel within the United States without any pre-departure or post-departure plans unless you are experiencing some COVID-19 symptoms.
Go to venues and do various other activities outdoors.
Travel internationally without undergoing a COVID-19 beforehand.

Of course, even with these relaxed restrictions, there are still some expectations. First, a fully vaccinated person must be able to show proof of a negative test result before going on an international flight. Moreover, they have to undergo a COVID-19 test at least three to five days prior to boarding that international flight.

Additionally, there are still some rules regarding masks that all individuals must abide by. These would include the following:

If an individual is not fully vaccinated, they must still wear their mask in the common areas of office buildings, businesses, and other establishments. These areas also have full rights to post signage requiring masks for those who have not been vaccinated. Businesses, office buildings, and other establishments also have every right to exclude un vaccinated individuals if they are not wearing a mask.
Employers have all rights to require more stringent mask requirements as long as they provide a mask to all of their employees.
Businesses and other institutions are fully authorized to request an individual’s vaccine card. Moreover, they are fully able to require those who haven’t been vaccinated to wear a mask.
If there is a business or institution that is requiring all of their participants to be vaccinated that is all well and good, but they must make exceptions for those who are medically unable to take the vaccine.

Mayor Bowser’s decision comes on the heels of similar decisions in Florida and other areas within the United States.

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