These Brave Sheriffs Just Stood Up To Feeble Joe!

Even less than four months into his term, President Joe Biden continues to make a name for himself. However, it’s not a GOOD name for himself. Biden continues to lay out his vision of what the US border with Mexico should look like. A lot of people, including the border guards, do not agree with this vision and they are standing up to him. One recent example of this would be local Arizona sheriffs Mark Lamb and Mark Dannels, who continue to plead with the president to show more leadership and take more action to secure the country at the southern border. These local sheriffs made their comments in a recent interview with Fox News host Harris Faulkner. Incidentally, there were sheriffs from North Carolina and Illinois who stood in solidarity with these two gentlemen as well.

“The biggest thing that we continue to learn would be the fact regarding why we have sheriffs here in the first place. It’s not just Arizona or Texas or New Mexico or California, but we also have sheriffs from across the United States, including Illinois and North Carolina. This is an American problem,” Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said during the interview.

These members of law enforcement had a lengthy discussion with Faulkner, discussing their views on Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress last Wednesday night, during which these sheriffs believe that the current U.S. President continues to show a complete disregard for the hard work of Customs and Border Protection agents, as well as the local law enforcement officers not just in Arizona but at local and state levels throughout the country trying to tackle this illegal immigrant issue.

” Yes, we are disappointed. We did expect to hear more, and I have to say we did not get that from him and that definitely shows you that this President doesn’t care about what’s happening at the border,” Lamb said.

Sheriff Dannels of Cochise County Arizona joined in: “After I heard last night’s speech by the president, I realized that this was going to be an insult for everyone that wears a badge that is sworn to protect the US / Mexican border,” he said.

President Biden’s presidency has only been at it for up to three months but we continue to see an overwhelming surge of illegal immigrants coming to this country unlawfully, and that also places border facilities under tremendous stress and leads to a crisis that the Biden-Harris Administration continues to do nothing but downplay.

Indeed, we currently have more than 170,000 illegal aliens reportedly crossing the border as of last March. If this weren’t enough, many of these illegal aliens come from areas that have high COVID-19 rates. Feeble Joe Biden and Harris might be very good about wearing a mask, but they sure don’t care if these illegals have COVID, that’s for sure!

To say that border facilities were completely overwhelmed by this spike in the lawful entries would be an understatement. However, unfortunately, human traffickers took notice of the crisis as well. They went about their unlawful work smuggling minors and families throughout the United States. These human traffickers were making upwards of $14 million (with a M!) dollars a day in February doing this terrible activity.

Videos dating back to late March and early April showed human traffickers literally throwing children into the US from the border wall, endangering their lives tremendously.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just Mexican individuals that exploit our weak Southern border. There were two Yemeni individuals on the FBI terrorism watch list that were recently arrested because they entered the country through this southern border. That is why a day later the Biden Administration removed this news release announcing these arrests. Huh? If that doesn’t raise some eyebrows for you, it should.

When you couple this with the issue of Mexican drug cartels, it doesn’t take long to realize that pretty soon this will not just be a problem for the southern states but for every state in our country.

One of the sheriffs capped it off with one final comment: “If we do not secure our borders soon, every sheriff in America is going to become a border sheriff and not just the southern ones.”

What do you think about this issue? Your comments are appreciated!

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