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IT BEGINS! Minister Arrested For Preaching Bible Verses!

Persecutions against Christians are going to continue to mount throughout the world, and as an ordained minister, it is definitely something that I find disheartening. However, it was prophesied millennia ago, and as the world becomes more and more divided, there will be an increasing amount of instances where Christian persecution continues to mount. There is now a dire warning to preachers who are taking a bold stand preaching the Bible.

In the United Kingdom, there was a street preacher who was arrested simply because he decided to talk about the Bible’s stance on marriage. This particular incident took place last Friday, and it culminated in the man being hauled off to jail simply because he dared to exercise his freedom of speech and his freedom of religion.

The incident happened to Pastor John Sherwood and Pastor Peter Simpson of the Penn Free Methodist Church. These men of God were preaching about the verses in Genesis 1 where it states that “God’s design in creating mankind was for them to be in families that are comprised of a unit headed by a mother and faster and not by two fathers or by two mothers. There is a distinction within mankind where it is just two genders, male and female, and they are made in God’s image, and this is supposed to be the essence of God’s created order.”

However, the police were called, and they told the two men that there had been three complaints made against their message.

Police Targeting Pastor

Of course, it should be incredibly obvious to anyone that this cop was incredibly power-hungry, but the next actions of him totally confirmed it. He proceeded to tell Pastor Sherwood that he should stop making any type of “homophobic statement” and that he had absolutely “no freedom to make statements should as this one, that would just offend people.” Finally, after this exchange was finished, the police dragged the preacher off his step stool and brutally handcuffed him, starting to haul him away.

“This was a dignified man of God, and he is in his early 70s,” Pastor Simpson said. “He was marched off to a nearby police car, and as this was happening one of my helpers called out, ‘What is happening in this nation when a man is no longer allowed to preach the Bible?'”

Of course, the police were quick to do damage control, explaining it in the following manner:

“At 1335 hrs on Friday, 23 April, there were officers on patrol that were flagged down by a concerned citizen who shared that there was a man who was allegedly making homophobic comments near Uxbridge Underground Station. There were also a number of people who approached the officers with some concerns regarding the man’s language. Officers spoke with the 71-year-old man and they subsequently arrested him on suspicion of an offense under section 5 of the Public Order Act.”

This is just one of many incidents that show that persecution just might be on its way toward Christians, preachers, pastors, and other churchgoers. Their activities are now being regarded as offensive and illegal. Are we going to be living in Nazi Germany? It appears it could happen.

What do you think? Sadly, your comments would be appreciated.

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