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Trump Just Released A Very Huge Possible Name For 2024

It’s definitely an open secret by now that Donald Trump is planning on running for President of the United States again. Of course, this leads to a lot of other questions, such as who he would pick for a running mate. Well, the former president said last Thursday that he is definitely open to the possibility of picking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate for the 2024 election.

Trump made these latest comments in an interview with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo. He also discussed such things as his successor’s proposed tax hikes and the ongoing border crisis. That is when the topic of the conversation was steered toward his 2024 presidential aspirations.

Bartiromo asked him if she sees running mate potential in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Trump answered in the affirmative.

“Ron is a friend of mine,” Trump said. “I endorsed him, and he took off like a rocket ship. He has done a great job for the state of Florida as governor. A lot of people like that – you know, I’m just saying what I read and what you read – you know, people love that potential ticket.”

“Yes,” Trump concluded, “Certain Ron would be considered because he’s a great guy.”

Of course, the former president is still yet to issue a formal statement regarding whether he intends on running in 2024 or not. However, it was during this same interview that he said that he is “100 percent” considering doing so.

The elephant in the room would be his policy goals, but Trump answered that adroitly. He said that he would focus on protecting the Second Amendment and securing the completely overwhelmed U.S.-Mexican border. He also harshly criticized the current occupant of the White House.

“No amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” President Biden said in a recent speech. He said these words on the cusp of rolling out several executive orders regarding gun control. However, Biden’s comments went over like a lead balloon for those who are ardent supporters of the Second Amendment. Many state politicians swiftly condemned President Biden.

Under President Biden, the country continues to go through a crisis at the Southern border. Even though Biden has named Vice President Kamala Harris as his point person for migrants and immigration, neither one of them has taken the time to visit the Southern border.

However, one of the things that Trump said he would do differently is to focus on the devastation that many of Biden’s tax hikes are going to cause. Indeed, there was a March Congressional Budget Office report that stated that the United States was on par to double its debt burden in the next thirty years. Additionally, this country is becoming more likely to experience a serious fiscal crisis in that coming time period.

That hasn’t fazed President Biden, though. Even though he is only three-and-a-half months into his administration., he has proposed new spending of at least $6 trillion. Biden is going to finance this new spending by raising the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent and raising taxes on capital gains.

Trump sharply criticized him for this, saying that these tax rates were going to be a “tremendous shock, and they are going to destroy the economy.”

What do you think? Would Trump and DeSantis make a good team for 2024? Your comments would be appreciated!

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