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New Biden Scandal Has Emerged! Investigation Has Begun!

The Biden Administration continues to give the Clintons a run for their money. Of course, Biden and his cronies have a “D” after their name, so you can bet your bottom dollar that nothing will happen to them, but I digress. Apparently, President Biden’s newest scandal regards his Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm. It seems that no matter how hard he tries, the Dear Leader Joe Biden can’t seem to avoid scandal after scandal, even though his administration is not quite four months along. This latest scandal was uncovered by conservative Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, and it involves some serious conflicts of interest from Ms. Granholm. Apparently, she has been taking some lessons from Nancy Pelosi on dirty insider trading lessons.

Latest Palace Scandal

It seems that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has barely had time to get her office set up and put up her personal pictures before she was embroiled in a scandal. She is now being dogged by Senator Barrasso, who recently asked the “watchdog” arm of the Department of Energy to investigate Granholm regarding how she might be involved with a company that is known as the “leading manufacturer of charging stations, electric buses, and batteries.”

Senator Barrasso wrote a long letter to DOE Inspector General Teri Donaldson, explaining how he thinks that Jennifer Granholm is up to no good. Barrasso pointed out that that one of Granholm’s investments is five milliom dollars that is tied up in the Proterra factory, and literally no one was aware of this until Biden took a tour of the factory.

Well, there isn’t a scandal there, but there is now because Sleepy Joe promised that he would set up “50,o00 charging stations with Proterra chargers” Naturally, all of the Proterra employees were standing around, cheering, and clapping the Fearless Leader, but you know who else was cheering and clapping? His Energy Secretary!

You see, if Fearless Leader Biden goes ahead and keeps his promise, that makes Granholm in a “position to aid” and it would be a serious conflict of interest. Just a bit of a scandal, but I suppose nothing new with Democrats.

Granholm is doing her best to stay under the radar, saying that she has every intention of selling the Proterra stock. However, Granholm wants to wait until it has been 180 days after she has been confirmed so that way she has “six months where she can make money off of the stock.”

Reviewing the Supply Chain

Our Wonderful Leader President Biden has also done his part, appointing Granholm to “review the electric-vehicle battery supply operations” and to allow for $174 billion to help the charging equipment company. Moreover, Granholm can actually use TAXPAYER MONEY to boost the stock price of Proterra if she desires. Nothing but crickets about this from the liberals, even though they screamed bloody murder that President Trump was going to make money off of the presidency. Hmmm….

Considering that Senator Barrasso is a ranking member in the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, this conflict of interest by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is definitely his problem. He wrote a “letter of concern” to the inspector general, Michael Horowitz. However, Horowitz hasn’t been known for the best track record, and so it is highly likely that Jennifer Granholm’s net worth is going to increase substantially due to President Biden’s endorsement of their work.

Oh, brother. Well, at least the Biden Administration keeps their mouth shut on Twitter, right? Oh, brother.

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