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WOW! Top Democrat Caught Trolling Sleepy Joe And It Is AMAZING!

Humorless Democrat professor of George Washington University Law School is now in full “troll mode.”

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of public interest law at George Washington University and a practicing criminal defense attorney.

Netizens are asking if he picks up some lessons from President Trump?

We cannot blame Jonathan, the irony and hypocrisy surrounding Biden’s recent gun-grab and his own derelict son who purchased an “illegal weapon” is just too much for most people to pass up.

Currently, Biden is being criticized by both the right for his recent speech, where he made some very false claims about firearms.

However, regardless of all the lies, Joe is pushing through and will be using his “pen and phone” to rip our Second Amendment rights away.

And when Biden does that, Professor Turley came out with the perfect name for his little gun-grab: The Hunter Biden Act.

Turley said one of the provisions included in Biden’s announcement, ref flag laws, could be named after the president’s son, Hunter Biden. He pointed to a 2018 incident when the younger Biden’s gun was thrown out by the widow of his deceased brother because she was concerned about his mental stability.

Turkey asserted: “It was striking that the red flag provision could very well be called the Hunter Biden Act,” “I mean, this was a provision written for precisely what seems to have occurred in 2018. At that time, Hunter Biden was involved in an intimate relationship with the widow of his late brother, Beau, and she apparently was so concerned about his stability that she attempted to throw out his gun into a bin that was not far from a schoolyard. That led to an effort to reclaim or find the gun and the intervention of local law enforcement.”

He continued, “There is also an allegation that the Secret Service intervened to try to essentially remove his permitting information from a gun store. Most of that has not been pursued by the media, which has shown a remarkable lack of interest, even though this new push by his father addresses specifically the controversy, or the type of controversy, involved with his son.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden announced unilateral gun control measures Thursday in the Rose Garden as part of his pledge to crack down on gun violence like the recent attacks in Boulder and Atlanta.

The measures are unlikely to have a significant impact on such massacres, which is a long-standing problem with claims of politicians that they will pass substantial gun controls to curb such violence.

What is notable however is the inclusion of a provision that relates directly to the allegations raised against Hunter Biden — allegations of a possible federal felony that have been virtually blacked out in recent media coverage and interviews.

That could well be called the Hunter Biden Law. As we all know that, Hunter Biden acquired a handgun despite his long-standing drug and alcohol abuse as well as a history of depression.


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