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Patriotic Ohio Bar Owner Has Just BENCHED The NBA!

An Ohio bar owner is now under fire from liberal groups (what else is new?) because he announced via social media that he is immediately going to suspense any NBA games until LeBron James is “expelled” from the NBA.


The Background


Of course, it is well-known now that LeBron James incited his fair share of controversy when he tweeted a picture of a Columbus, OH police officer who was involved in the shooting death of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant. “YOU’RE NEXT #accountability,” James tweeted. After facing some immediate backlash over the tweet, James quickly deleted his tweet. Part of the reason James faced some backlash is because he dared to suggest that the police officers should be held accountable for merely defending the other girl from the violence of Bryant. Indeed, there have been several videos of the scuffle that have shown that the other girl could very easily have became a stabbing victim if the police officer had not acted.


What is the mindset of the bar owner?


Jay Linneman is the owner of Linnie’s Pub in Delhi Township, Ohio, and he told his patrons that all NBA games are now banned from his bar’s entertainment system until James is either banned or no longer playing basketball.


“If you are looking to watch an NBA basketball game, don’t come to Linnie’s Pub,” the bar owner told the newspaper. “The opinion of these athletes doesn’t really matter. They are hired to do one thing and one thing only: play their sport. Instead, they are using their position to push their opinion, and that isn’t right.”


The bar owner went a step further, claiming that high-ranking government officials would have faced severe consequences from the media if they had made statements similar to that one. There was mixed reaction to Linneman’s decision. Some praised it, while others said that Linneman should take his own advice and stop being a political commentator.

“Just shut up and pour,” one person said in regard to Mr. Linneman’s decision.

Of course, some took this time to defend the police officer, with one person saying, “Thank you! This doesn’t have anything to do with race at all. This has to do with the facts and LeBron was wrong for saying what he did. That police officer saved the other girl’s life so he is a hero in my book,” another person said.

Needless to say, James didn’t respond well, instead just mocking the bar.

“Awww damn!” he posted on Twitter. “I was headed there to watch our game tonight and have a drink! Welp,” he continued.

No word on whether Twitter plans on suspending James the same way they would if Trump had said something similar, but I digress.

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