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HUH? Why Did Black Lives Matter Just Burn Down A George Floyd Mural?

There are many places within our proud nation that are now under attack. Riots appear to be gripping our cities, but there is a new concept that many individuals are now getting used to: riot irony. This is a concept where those who are rioting inadvertently shoot themselves in the foot. In one particular case of riot irony, the rioters in Portland accidentally burned down a mural of George Floyd! Even though riots in Portland have been almost constant as this city continues to host leftist ANTIFA and BLM protesters, they have only made Portland that much more of a difficult place to live. Indeed, the fact that the smashing of windows and the burning of buildings has become so commonplace that some businesses are even pandering to the looters hasn’t been lost on a lot of conservative commentators. However, those pandering to the mob are not immune to the violence and property damage of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

Burning the Portland Apple Store

On Saturday, April 17, rioters in Portland actually did a disservice to themselves and a service to god-fearing and law-abiding individuals everywhere: they mistakenly burned down an Apple Store with a prominent BLM mural.

Although the status of this mural is not clear, the store that paid homage to George Floyd with this mural was heavily damaged during the looting and arson attack. Although this mural has been deemed by some to be “historic”, apparently the prominent depictions of George Floyd and others who did not survive their detainment.

Of course, Apple joins a long list of corporations that have enthusiastically supported the cause of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. However, there are literally countless examples where it appears evident that Black Lives Matter doesn’t return the favor.

How has Black Lives Matter rewarded the loyalty of corporations such as Apple? By repeated looting and arson, that’s how they’ve rewarded them! Indeed, this Portland Apple store seems to have been targeted by ANTIFA and BLM many times before.

What did the mob do this time? Oh, just threaten the lives of two security guards by setting the store they were guarding on fire. Both of the guards were still inside, but thankfully they were able to escape the fire unharmed.

Of course, there were other targets of the rioters as well. The Oregon Historical Society, the First Christian Church, and many other stores and restaurants were prime targets of their abuse. Most of the buildings were vandalized and had broken windows.

Rioters Turning On Their Corporate Friends

If Apple and these other corporations thought they were protecting their interests by pandering to these people, then apparently they are sadly mistaken. Unfortunately, these groups are not going to receive any pity from America at large when they continue to attack established businesses.

Of course, when these radicals turn on each other, normal Americans win. We can only cheer if these nut job groups end up accidentally destroying their hideous works of propaganda.

What do you think? Your comments would be appreciated!

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