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What One State’s GOP Just Did Will Save Fair Elections Forever!

If you are going to go anywhere nowadays, then chances are it won’t be long before you will need to show your identification. There’s a lot of places. Indeed, you will need to show your ID to participate in a litany of adult activities, so why is it the liberals are upset over a voter ID law in Georgia? They recently filed suit, claiming that the new laws discriminate against young, low income, disabled, Native Americans and other minorities. All of these demographics are definitely going to need identification for the other things they do anyway. Thus, there is a new sheriff in town in the State of Montana, and he is not taking any guff from these liberals. Just to sum it up, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has become the latest individual to sign a voter ID law and needless to say, the Democrats in Montana are not happy about it. Oh well, the Democrats are just upset that Governor Gianforte is trying to stop them from finding new ways to cheat.


The Dems and the Laws


To put it mildly, the Democrats do at times like the law. Go back and read that again. Now, read this statement and understand it well: this latest incarnation of the Democrat party is probably the most narcissistic group of politicians ever. Thus, they do indeed like the law WHEN IT BENEFITS THEM. Otherwise, the Democrats in their arrogance will simply ignore the law and act like it doesn’t apply to them. However, the Montana governor is sticking to his guns. “Our state has a long history of secure, transparent elections, and we continue to set a standard for the rest of the nation,” he tweeted. “We want these new laws because they will establish best practices that will continue the integrity of Montana’s elections for generations to come.”


It Didn’t Take Long For Dems To Start Fighting


Even though Montana has now passed these voter ID laws, the Democrats in that state started right away to fight those laws tooth and nail. Unfortunately, they are not going to give an inch. “This afternoon, Montana’s GOP governor signed some voter suppression bills into law, and we sued,” a democrat spokesman said.


THe Laws: Back With the Courts


This new lawsuit asks the courts to keep the Montana Secretary of State from enforcing their laws. They are probably employing this strategy simply to keep these new laws mired in the courts. Moreover, it can open some of the laws that the Left WANTS for bribes and threats.


Sandi Luckey is the executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. She recently gave a statement regarding her (flawed) view of these recent events: “In America, all attempts to silence our citizens should be met with immediate attention. We are doing this lawsuit to stop the GOP from silencing voters and to keep the elections fair.” Oh brother.


Things That Bear Repeating


It’s always important to understand that unless we enforce the laws, we aren’t a nation. After the election of 2020, we now have 47 states that are cracking down on election laws. If a Democrat cries foul in one of these, let’s just hope with all of our might that these new laws will be enforced, and fair elections will continue to be the law of the land.


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