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What MIT Just Revealed About Social Distancing PROVES How Crooked Liberals Are!

Is it possible that indoor social distancing guidelines are in no way based on science? It would appear that way based on the research from two researchers from MIT. Of course, we have been told all along that these social distancing guidelines we’re based on good science, but all of a sudden now they aren’t? What’s going on here?

According to MIT researchers Martin Bazant and John W.M. Bush, the social distancing guidelines have absolute zero effect on whether someone can get the virus, and it doesn’t matter whether someone is standing six feet apart or even sixty feet apart for that matter.

They also argued that “the current revival of our American economy is being predicated on these social distancing rules, basically the six-foot rule. They meant well when they instituted these guidelines, but these social distancing rules do absolutely nothing to stop the pathogen-bearing aerosol droplets that will continually infiltrate an indoor space, and they are sufficiently small enough to be continuously mixed throughout every facet of the indoor space.”

These two gentlemen explained through CNBC, these exposures to COVID-19 “were at just as great a risk at 6 feet as they are at 60 feet. There is no protection even when you are wearing a mask.”

“That’s right,” Bazant told CNBC. “We are arguing that the six-foot rule really doesn’t offer that much benefit. Additionally, we are arguing that wearing a mask doesn’t offer that much benefit either, simply because the person wearing the mask has a tendency to breathe in the air more deeply and it makes their breath rise. Thus, the air they are breathing will come down in a different part of the room and simply still be there to infect people.”

These two MIT researchers then said something very telling: “Our analysis is continuing to show that there are many spaces that didn’t need to be shut down at all simply because they had good ventilation; a solid, open space; and a safe environment even when people were c0ngregating together normally. These social distancing requirements weren’t necessary and they were based on junk science.”

How so?

“You can certainly have longer or shorter range droplets,” Bazant said. “You could have particles that sediment on the floor. Meanwhile, we had the CDC and the WHO telling us that we must do this because it was good for the public health.’

Unfortunately, these faulty guidelines ended up bankrupting small businesses left and right and it might take YEARS AND YEARS before our economy will fully recover, especially considering the fact that no one wants to go back to their jobs because they are getting unemployment benefits instead. Is this pandemic the beginning of another Great Depression? It could happen, folks, and it was all based on junk science. My apologies for being the bearer of bad news.

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