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What Rand Paul Just Said About MLB Boycotting Georgia Is Absolutely Perfect!

Georgia recently passed a new voter I.D. law, and needless to say, President Joe Biden is not very happy about it. He was actually successful in getting the MLB to move their All-Star from Atlanta to another location. Well, Kentucky GOP senator cannot help bur notice the double-standard the MLB has been displaying, and he took them to task with one GLARING example:

The MLB actually contracted with communist China and Cuba in order to attempt to expand their operations there.

Rand Paul was very clear in his sentiments regarding this. He tweeted, “Your MLB league is probably just a little bit too woke if it will freely do business with Chinese and Cuban communists but will boycott a U.S. state that only wants to require people to show an I.D. to vote.”

At the time of this article, the senator’s tweet has received as many as 50,000 likes.

The Daily Wire noted how the league had decided to “extend a television deal with a state-owned Chinese tech giant, Tencent.”

The Daily Wire had more to say regarding the issue, including the following:

“In 2017, the MLB announced a partnership with a state-owned company from China to grow the sport in that area. The league announced that they had undergone a 10-year deal with the Beijing Enterprises Real-Estate Group Ltd. in order to build baseball facilities throughout the country.”

Finally, the company chairman commented on the partnership: “We are thrilled to be able to form a strategic alliance with Major League Baseball. This new relationship will provide Chinese youth with opportunities to learn valuable life lessons.”

Of course, the gist of all of this is that the MLB thinks that it is just fine and dandy to deal with communist China but not a state in their own country!

Seriously folks, what do you think about this mess? We would appreciate your comments!

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