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Sleepy Joe Looking To Punish Everyone Who Wants Fair Elections!

Joe Biden continues to condemn Georgia’s new election laws, even stooping to speaking with ESPN over the issue. Simply put, the POTUS thinks he has every right to punish the people of the state of Georgia for their support of election integrity.

What makes this even more remarkably shameful is that sports used to be the great American pastime. It used to be the one thing that would bring all Americans together and a great way for everyone to get a bit of space from their stressful day-to-day lives. However, now even sports have become politicized and divisive, and guess who supports this? That’s right. Joe Biden does.

President Biden Calling For Boycott

Biden is retaliating against Georgia’s call for election security by calling for a humongous boycott of the whole entire state. He’s also trying to hit the state where it hurts: by forcing the Major League Baseball All-Star Game out of Atlanta. This would cost the state hundreds of millions in revenue. Additionally, some of the individuals in the MLB seem to be on board with the idea! MLB Players Association Executive Director Tony Clark stated that the union was “looking forward” to the discussions involving moving the July All-Star Game out of Atlanta. “The players are acting incredibly responsibly,” President Biden told ESPN’s Sage Steele. “People look to them because they are leaders.”

Biden also claimed during the interview that these millionaire athletes are nothing more than victims. Regarding a voter ID law in Georgia and 40 other states, he said that it is “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Biden also parrotted some left-wing arguments that having a voter ID law means that food or drink is restricted while voters are standing in line, which has been proven false. According to the Daily Wire, here’s what the voting law really states regarding that argument:

“The Georgia law places restrictions on those that hand out food and drink in polling places, but this is similar to polling places in New York and Biden’s home state of Delaware. These restrictions are meant to prevent lobbyists or special interest groups from influencing the vote. However, the law does not ban voters from bringing their own food, nor does it prohibit polling working from distributing water or food to voters for their own personal use.”

Moreover, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp continues to insist that the new law is not partisan. “Senate Bill 202 is designed to ensure that our elections are accessible, secure, and fair,” he said. “We are just trying to ensure the integrity of the ballot box, and we are trying to protect the foundation of Georgia as a state and us as Americans.”

The Bottom Line

These calls for sports teams and celebrities to boycott Georgia aren’t going to change the legislation. This is just more virtue signaling from the Biden Administration. Nothing more, nothing less. All these “boycotts” are going to do is cause lost revenue for small businesses in Georgia, and it simply is yet another illustration of a president that is not interested in ALL people, but just those in the far left.

What do you think about President Biden trying to negatively impact the state of Georgia just because they want a voter ID law? Your comments are appreciated!

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