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NBA Legend Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About Racism!

If there is one formal professional athlete who has never had trouble speaking his mind, it would be former Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns Power Forward Charles Barkley. His recent comments have stirred up their fair share of controversy, especially with liberals. What did he say that is making their heads spin? Take a look:

“Man, I really do think that most black people and white people are great people; that’s something that I really do believe in my heart and with all of my heart,” Barkley said. “However, I do think that our system is set up where politicians, whether they be Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep hold of their grasp of the money and the power.”

“These politicians divide and conquer,” Barkley continued. “I have to believe in my heart of hearts that most white people and black people are awesome individuals. These powerful people believe that their only job is to make these people not like each other. They say, ‘let’s make the white and black people not like each other. Let’s make the poor and rich not like each other. Let’s mess up the middle class.’

Of course, I might have a slight disagreement with Sir Charles over his blaming of both the GOP and Democrats. You see, I think that this is something that the Democrats started under Barack Hussein Obama. The unfortunate truth is that if the Democrats get their way, this will continue under Obama’s vice president. This is an evil agenda, folks, and we are truly living in some perilous times.

What do you think about Charles Barkley’s opinion regarding this? We would appreciate your comments!

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