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If Your Kids Use TikTok, Make Sure They Are NOT Doing This ONE THING…

Maybe you have heard of that TikTok cell phone app, and if that is the case then on the surface it seems innocuous enough. Under normal circumstances, it usually just consists of individuals dancing. However, there is a new viral “challenge” that is causing some serious problems.

It’s called “the Blackout Game” and it consists of a challenge where a person chokes himself to see how long they can hold their breath. Well, for one Joshua Haileyesus, it just might signify the end of his life. He was found unresponsive in the bathroom on March 22 and he has been on life support ever since. Staff at the Aurora (CO) hospital he was taken to have told his family to prepare to say goodbye to him.

Joshua Haileyesus is a lot like many other 12-year-old boys. He loved playing soccer and he enjoyed video games. However, even with his twin brother, he stood out. He had a passion for the Army and he was already showing signs that he would make a great church pastor in the future. However, those dreams might be gone now.

“He’s a fighter, and I can totally envision him fighting,” Joshua’s father, Haileyesus Zeryihun said. “He will fight. It’s just heartbreaking to see him laying down on that bed.”

What makes this even more heartbreaking is that Joshua’s twin brother was the one who found him on the bathroom floor that day. The family thinks he was attempting to choke himself with a shoelace.

“They have told me the news that it’s likely he won’t survive, he probably isn’t going to pull through,” Zeryihun said. “I was begging the first responders on that floor. I was telling them, pleading with them, not to give up on my son. I can’t just give up on my son, it would feel like I’m just walking away from him.”

Joshua’s father said that just a few days before he was found he had been bragging to his brother that he could hold his breath for a minute.

“I’m paying a tremendous price right now. I’m living through something terrible and I don’t want other parents to go through this,” Zeryihun said.

Try to talk to your children and grandchildren as much as possible about this and other issues they might be experiencing.

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