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COVID Is On The Rise In Big Democrat Run State!

Last March wasn’t a good state for one state in particular. Indeed, it brought some terrible increases in COVID in this state, and there are active cases of COVID throughout the whole entire state. They are up 163% from the first of March and up as high as 56% in just the last week.

The state that I’m talking about is Michigan, and what do you expect from Gretchen Whitmer (I call her Gretcher Witch-mer, but I digress). Half the time, the woman looks like a total zombie, and I suppose it’s a good thing she and Pelosi don’t get together. They would probably need to have a race to the liquor cabinet…but again before I digress too much…

There is an increase in daily active cases, and Michigan has recently reported a daily total of more than 5,000 new active cases as well as four dozen fatalities.

The day before this, the state had seen 8,200 new cases, with an average of just about 4,000 cases per day.

The beginning of March saw over 32,000 active cases, and now there are allegedly 85,000 active cases. Michigan also had one of the worst COVID-19 infection rates in the country for the last seven days.

Data on the COVID-19 tracker has shown that Michigan has had just over 361 active cases per 100,000 people. That means that Michigan is higher than even the densely populated states of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

Is the virus being used to advance a left-wing agenda?

The above question could be the elephant in the room. You see, New Jersey has the second-highest COVID-19 rate with 351.7 per 100,000 people. Connecticut and New York were below 300 per 100,000 people, however.

Indeed, the only place where it seems that Michigan’s COVID-19 rate is trailing would be in New York City. The Big Apple has a COVID-19 rate of just over 366 per 100,000 people.

The state continues to vaccinate more people, but something that Governor Witch-Mer is doing is just not working. She’s just not as good as her GOP counterparts.

What do you think about these alarming COVID-19 rates in the state of Michigan? Your comments are appreciated!

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