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Arkansas Just Told Biden To Pound Sand With One Big Move!

President Biden continues to make calls for states to have drastic authoritarian COVID measures, but there is one state who continues to remain defiant.

That’s right. Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson just told Biden where to go with a move where he called for his state to increase their COVID measures.

Biden’s Continued Pleas

The back story here is that Joe Biden continues to plead with the red states to keep up their mask mandates. The good thing is that many of these states are not listening.

“I am going to continue to reiterate my call for every local leader, mayor, and the governor to reinstate or maintain the mask mandate,” Biden said in his latest address from the White House. “Please, this isn’t politics,” he said. Oh, but we beg to differ, but I digress. “Reinstate that mandate if you have let it down. Businesses need to require masks as well. Failing to take this virus seriously is what got us in this mess to begin with.”

Arkansas: Saying NO

However, even in the face of President Biden’s quasi-tough words, Arkansas continues to say no. This mask mandate for the state of Arkansas has expired, and Governor Asa Hutchinson said he has no plans on extending or reinstating it.

Additionally, Governor Hutchinson took this yet another step forward, saying that Arkansas cities will no longer be able to enforce any of their own mask mandates.

Fox 13 reported that the state had “met the requirements to end the mask mandate.”

Apparently, Governor Hutchinson believes that it is time to put the people of Arkansas back to work. Arkansas has not only met the requirements, but they have also met all of the vaccine requirements, with 1.6 million doses given out so far.

“Our decision has been based on the criteria that we have set,” Governor Hutchinson said. “This was our goal, and we reached it. We stuck with the principle that had been outlined.”

What do you think about Governor Hutchinson’s decision to defy the president on the mask mandate? Feel free to comment below!


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