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GUTLESS Twitter Suspended Marjorie Taylor Greene For Wishing Someone HAPPY EASTER!

Even though she was only elected last year, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has already made her mark as an outspoken pro-Trump, religious conservative U.S. Representative that is a thorn in the side of both gutless establishment Republicans and liberal pantywaist Democrats.

Of course, another reason that the left severely hates this woman is that she is rock-solid when it comes to standing up for women’s rights. She won’t sell herself out to the anti-American establishment either. Unfortunately, she has made a name for herself on the ultra-liberal Twitter as well, and they recently suspended her for 12 hours.

For what, you might ask? Well, apparently she posted a meme about Jesus on Twitter for Easter Sunday. That, my friends, was too much. That is what did it. They will allow Marilyn Manson and shock jocks such as Howard Stern on Twitter, but NOT conservative voices such as Marjorie Green or Donald Trump. Oh brother, what is the world coming to?

In short, Green made a post just prior to her 12-hour suspension where she told everyone “Happy Easter” and then said, “He has Risen.” As far as I know, there have been no reports of Muslims being suspended from Twitter for saying the common Ramadan greeting of “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Happy Ramadan”, but I digress.

Of course, when this type of social media censorship toward people of faith begins, Twitter will consistently claim that the suspension was nothing more than an error. After Representative Greene was reinstated, Twitter said that it was simply a mistake for them to even suspend her in the first place. “We not only use human technology but also review in order to determine who has violated the Twitter Rules across our service. This was a case where our automated systems took action on the account, but it was simply in error. Once this suspension was reviewed by humans, we reinstated the account,” a Twitter spokesperson announced.

On Twitter alternative Gab, Representative Greene speculated on just why she was suspended in the first place. “Was it my Christian faith?” she asked. “Or was it my willingness to fire Fauci?”

Of course, these “suspension errors” have happened so much to conservatives on social media that a growing number of individuals are no longer buying the drivel that it is simply a mistake. Part of the reason for that is because this tactic seems to be used entirely against conservatives. The other reason would be because conservatives are smarter than the liberals give them credit for, and they have definitely noticed that this kind of thing only seems to happen to their demographic. And now for the bad news….you would do well to expect these attacks to continue to happen to folks like Ms. Taylor Greene and other conservative and independent voices, especially as we gear up for the mid-term elections coming up in 2022.

What do you think about this suspension of Congresswoman Taylor Greene by Twitter? Do you think it really was just an “error” or “an accident”? Your comments are absolutely appreciated!

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