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Sick Antifa Thugs Just Attacked A Veteran’s Demonstration!

There was a group of antifa radicals who attacked a pro-freedom rally OF VETERANS in Salem, Oregon last Sunday!

The veterans were involved in the “Freedom rally”, which was advertised as being for those who had “fought for our country, our freedoms, and our liberty.” Unfortunately, news of that rally got spread far and wide, and it reached the ear of some of the Antifa radicals. These domestic terrorists decided to organize a “Fascist Free 503” to counter the Freedom rally and keeping them from reaching the state Capitol.

There were about 200 antifa demonstrators who converged on the state capitol, and police described them as “heavily armed.” They clashed with the officers and those going to the pro-freedom rally.

Although it took some time, the police eventually declared the antifa riot an unlawful assembly and arrested three of the antifa rioters, according to a report.

Individuals participating in the pro-freedom were pulling up to the rally in vehicles that bore American flags, and these antifa protestors had the gall to throw rocks, paint-filled balloons, and several other objects at the vehicles. One vehicle even got impaled with a large tree branch in the process.

There were even some cases where the antifa protestors pointed lasers at those driving to the Freedom rally.

Salem police would eventually close the entrance to the capitol and take some steps to keep the Freedom rally participants and the antifa counterdemonstrators away from each other.

There was even one particular incident where a man had his truck damaged and decided to try and fight back. He ultimately was detained by police for pointing a pistol at the counterdemonstrators.

What do you think about how these antifa goons treat those who fought for our country? Comments are always appreciated!

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