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It HAPPENED! Bernie Sanders Just Sided With President Trump!

If you never thought you would see the day when Bernie Sanders was kind of siding with former President Trump, well then here it is. Although Sanders is still calling Trump every name in the book, when he was asked if he was comfortable with the then-President of the United States not being able to express his views on Twitter, he said that he “didn’t feel comfortable” with that.

There is no question that Democrats continue to have a lot of zeal in their quest to win this ideological civil war and to “own the cons.” However, Sanders appears to think that removing President Trump from Twitter could end up becoming a serious strategic error that could cause the Democrats to lose their home-field advantage permanently.

Zero Hedge had the original story, and here is their report:

“In a recent interview last Tuesday with a New York Times columnist Ezra Klein, Sanders admitted that he wasn’t “particularly comfortable” with President Trump’s ban from Twitter, even though at the same time he feels that Trump is a xenophobe, racist, sexist, and an authoritarian.” However, while the two are not going to go out and have a beer together any time soon, the main point still remains: in a way, Bernie Sanders, a man diametrically opposed to President Trump in almost every way possible, actually agrees with the former president that he shouldn’t have been banned from Twitter!

However, before you think that this man, who is pushing 80, has decided to disavow his communist views and start caucusing with the GOP, you should realize this: he is siding with Trump only because he realizes that it might be one of those situations where his side will win the battle but not the war. Additionally, if they can ban Trump, Sanders realizes that Twitter can ban anyone, including his liberal cronies.

Sanders siding with Trump comes on the heels of the fact that Trump has decided that he is going to start his own social platform. If enough people flock to it, it could become one of those situations where President Trump has taken over the battlefield, giving him a decided advantage over his competition. It would not only be better for him but better for the country as well. Time will tell.

What do you think about the fact that Bernie Sanders had to make such a concession of “agreeing” and siding with Former President Trump? Your comments are always appreciated.

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