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Another Democrat Lawmaker Has Been COMPROMISED!

The Democrats are covering for another one of their compromised members…so what else is new? This time, it is Eric Swalwell, who has been caught in a compromising position because he was heavily involved with a Chinese spy that was appropriately named “Fang Fang.”

This all started because the U.S. House of Representatives voted to table a resolution that would have removed far-left representative Eric Swalwell from the highly coveted House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Considering his dalliances with a foreign spy, he hardly seems like a good candidate for this leadership committee, to say the least.

Fang Fang was also known as Christine Fang, and she allegedly met Swalwell when he was a member of the council of Dublin City, California. She was part of a Chinese student organization, and she had “developed some close ties to his office” by 2014, even being described by some Chinese diplomats as being a “bundler” for him. This is a long-standing Chinese policy of gaining influence with politicians before they become nationally known.

Of course, to his credit, it was House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who introduced the resolution designed to remove Swalwell from his committees out of fear that he is being influenced by China. In McCarthy’s documents, he noted how Swalwell has never really denied that his campaigns have been supported by this Chinese intelligence operative.

They put the resolution to a vote, and it was 218-200 along party lines to remove Eric Swalwell. There were a few GOP members who didn’t want to take a position either way and simply just voted “present.”

Of course, instead of actually answering the charge laid on him, the compromised Swallwell did the Democrat thing and simply just attacked those who were attacking him. “Meet this new brand of McCarthyism. All they are trying to do is attack me so that they can deflect from their support of such movements as QAnon, et cetera.”

What do you think about these developments regarding a Democrat congressman? Do you think this is another case of someone on the left looking out for his own interests instead of America’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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