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YouTube Caught Stacking The Deck For Sleepy Joe Biden!

Perhaps one of the most disliked U.S. presidents in our modern-day history would be that of one Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Does that seem surprising to you? Well, don’t beat yourself up about it, because it’s not like the media is going to tell you this important little tidbit. Of course, when you consider all of this, there is yet another increasingly prevalent question that we should ask, one that could seriously impact the future of our country going forward: are the social media giants purposely removing a large number of public dislike totals in order to cover for him? Are they stacking the deck for Sleepy Joe?

Questions, questions. Here’s another one to think about: just what would be Joe Biden’s true amount of dislikes? Does Joe have a pretty bad ratio? Unfortunately, as long as the far-left social media is on his side, we’ll probably never have a straight answer for those inquiries.

However, several pro-American sites yesterday reported that YouTube has been working on a regular basis to remove any public dislike count for President Biden and other notable content creators.

“We are responding to feedback from our creators about their well-being and some of the targeted dislike campaigns they have experienced, and so we’re testing a few designs that will not show the public dislikes,” a spokesman for YouTube posted.

One example of this would be as far back as last August. Apparently, when Biden was nominated, he made his acceptance speech and his remarks literally went off like a thud. The “dislikes” actually were higher than the “likes” in real time! However, it was YouTube to the rescue as they mysterious dropped the dislikes after the Democrat convention had ended.

Another example was after President Biden was first inaugurated. He did several executive orders where he opened up the borders and shut down US energy production, and his press secretary Jen Psaki (read: propaganda artist) swooped in to talk about it. She had up to 10,000 dislikes on her video, but YouTube yet again mysteriously erased the dislikes to as low as 3.1 thousand!

There are no words…

What do you think about how these tech giants are engaging in stacking the deck for Sleepy Joe? Are you as flabbergasted about it as I am? As always, comments are appreciated!

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