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These Kids Were Suffering, Feeble Joe Was Laughing HYSTERICALLY

President Biden was recently able to laugh off a question about the alleged abuses of migrant children at the border. You see, President Biden has a “D” after his name, so unlike Trump, he has that luxury to laugh it off. Not only did Biden seemed to joke about the question, but he also seemed to get defensive and raised his voice when he was answering the questions from reporters.

Of course, folks, this is the BIG press conference for President Biden, simply because of the fact that the man has literally managed to go AWOL from press conferences for the first three months of his term. If Trump had done that, the press would have been up in arms, but I digress. This has literally been the longest streak of a lack of press conference in modern U.S. history, by the way.

Biden’s response came on the heels of his reaction to a question that a reporter asked regarding the hundred of unaccompanied children that were currently housed at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Facility and who had “sleeping on the floor” and “not seeing the sun for days.”

“What is your reaction to the images that have come out from this particular immigration facility?” the reporter asked. “Are these events acceptable to you? When are these issues going to be fixed?”

“This is a serious question, right?” Biden asked rhetorically and sarcastically. “Is the children and the border situation acceptable to me? Come on.”

Another instance that raised a few eyebrows during this press conference was when President Biden would answer a question and for some reason, he would incoherently raise his voice for no reason at all. This habit of “random yelling” has caused many individuals on social media to question his senility.

Indeed, it was a tremendous struggle, and it gave someone the impression that Biden is nothing more than a show pony to be trotted out on rare occasions.

What do YOU think about this first press conference and how President Biden COULDN’T SEEM TO HANDLE a somewhat difficult question about children at the border? We would appreciate your comments!

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