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CROOKED Governor Whitmer Is About To Face SERIOUS JAIL TIME!

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer – or Gretchen Witch-mer, as I like to call her – might be finding herself in serious trouble. One good analogy would have to be that the Ides of March might be showing up for the embattled Michigan governor.

According to new Macomb County Prosecutor and former State Senator Peter Lucido, Governor Whitmer could be held liable for any neglectful deaths that have resulted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why he is asking all local Michigan residents to go back through their records and report any wrongful nursing home deaths to the police. He is also planning on setting up a meeting with the Macomb County police in order to instruct them on how to “process and verify this information and bring it to his office.”

A statement issued by Lucido last August demonstrated that the negligence from Governor Whitmer could already be seen. She presided over a period where “more than a couple thousand residents and 32 employees died in nursing home deaths, which has been estimated as 32% of all COVID-19-related deaths within the state of Michigan.” We say estimated here because the figures could be higher because this state has continually refused to hand over data regarding COVID-19.

“If we uncover willful neglect of the office or discover there has been reckless endangerment of Michigander’s lives, then we will absolutely move forward with charges against the Michigan governor,” Prosecutor Lucido said. “Of course we would. Nobody, not even the governor, is above the law in this state.”

In response, Governor Whitmer’s office appeared to go on the offensive, calling Lucido’s comments “shameful political attacks” that have “no basis in fact or reality.” Whitmer’s office also said that they think these attacks are “just petty partisan games.” I suppose it’s up to Michiganders to decide that in the long run.

Indeed, this alleged negligence regarding Michigan nursing home deaths isn’t the only scandal that Governor Whitmer is embroiled in. She also has some who are calling for a special prosecutor because of severance payments that her office gave to different state officials during her term in office. Much like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, I guess birds of a feather flock together. The stench of corruption from the Michigan governor is every bit as severe as the governor of New York state, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

What do YOU think about these developments for the Michigan governor?

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