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Secret Service Caught Lying About Biden Gun Incident!

Well, apparently now that Sleepy Joe Biden is the president and happy days are here again for the liberals, everyone has forgotten about Hunter Biden’s long-abandoned laptop. Everyone, that is, except for the U.S. Secret Service, apparently.

In summary, there were statements from the Secret Service where they denied that they had attempted to cover up for President Biden’s son over a gun that he had discarded.

Politico made a report this week that in October 2018 Hunter Biden and his sister-in-law-turned girlfriend(!) had been involved in some kind of dispute which resulted in Hallie Biden grabbing Hunter’s handgun and throwing it in the trash at a Delaware grocery store. To make matters worse, this grocery store was near a high school.

This led to a diligent search by Hallie to retrieve the gun, but by then it had disappeared. Attempts were also made by the Delaware State Police to try to find the gun. Apparently, Politico’s sources are now revealing that the Secret Service ultimately intervened. However, this leads to more questions than answers. It might be an overused cliche, but the plot truly thickens.

Apparently, Secret Service agents approached the owner of the gun shop where Hunter had purchased the firearm, requesting a copy of some of the paperwork regarding the sale.

“The gun owner refused to give the secret service agents to paperwork,” reported Politico’s Ben Schreckinger and Tara Palmeri. “Apparently, they suspected that the Secret Service was attempting to hide the fact that Biden’s son had owned the gun in case it was ever involved in a crime. The gun store owner eventually turned over the paperwork to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which is proper procedure because they oversee the federal gun laws.”

As far as the gun being lost at that Delaware supermarket? Well, it apparently was finally retrieved by an individual who had found it while they were looking for recyclables. The Secret Service completely denied ever being involved when they responded to Politico. The secret service also denied any involvement with Hunter Biden’s missing gun when they talked to The Hill as well. The Secret Service issued a brief statement saying that they didn’t have “any involvement whatsoever in this incident.”

A White House official also chimed in. “President Biden does not have any knowledge or involvement in the Secret Service’s role in this incident. He nor anyone else in his family was even a protected during that time.”

However, now that Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop has resurfaced, some text messages on the machine appear to dispute that story. The New York Post acquired a copy of the hard drive of the laptop, which had been abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop.

Apparently, the younger Biden had texted someone repeatedly regarding the handgun, referring to it as a “38.”

He also made other commentaries, including such things as the following:

“She stole that gun out of the lock box of my trunk and then she threw it in that garbage that was clear to the top at Janssen’s Market. She told me that this was my problem to deal with,” he wrote to the unknown respondent. “Then, the police the FBI the secret service came knocking on my door and she told them she took it from me because she was scared because of my past alcohol and drug abuse and she thought I was going to harm myself and scare the kids.”

When you couple this with the fact that this gun shop owner swears up and down that the Secret Service wanted Hunter’s gun paperwork and that the younger Biden seems to vouch for this on the hard drive of the laptop, it becomes very troubling for one two-pronged reason: Number one, we seem to have these two who were not privy to Secret Service at the time, and number two, the Secret Service seem to be coming across as “personal fixers” for the Bidens as early as 2018.

Did you hear this from the liberal news media? No, they were too busy throwing hissy fits over the mere words that President Trump was saying. The plot thickens…

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