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Alarming New Tip Has Border Agents On HIGH ALERT!

I remember one time, when my son was about twelve years old and we were visiting family out of state, he came down with a pretty high fever. So, we took him to the emergency room.

It was light out when we got there and was as dark as anything when we finally left. We took a wrong turn getting home, no GPS at the time, and somehow ended up in the worst neighborhood in the city. I couldn’t get back on the highway, I had no idea where I was going. I pulled into a McDonald’s, I saw a cop sitting in his car. I asked him to help us get back to the highway.

He pulled ahead of me and drove me to the exit, lights and all of that. I’ll never forget that. The idea that someone would want to kill someone like that just makes you want to cry…

Agents with the Arizona Border Patrol are on high alert for cop killing illegals. The Bushwhacking banditos are strolling across the border while Joe Biden holds the door wide open for them.

According to an alert bulletin passed around by the Arizona branch of the Border Patrol this week, agents have solid intelligence that “two Mexican migrants planned to jump the border to try to kill a cop.” At least, that’s what the Washington Times is reporting.

Officials are quick to advise that “the tip” leaked to the Times is “uncorroborated.”

Even so, they want every law enforcement officer to be extra vigilant because the threat border agents picked up was “very specific.” Specific enough to issue a “Be on the Lookout” bulletin.

The information “gave a location on federal land, and time, early Thursday morning, for the potential breach of the border.” Just because Thursday came and went does not mean they won’t try again.

Agents explain that “one of the two men was identified in the bulletin as Eduardo Molina-Flores, a 49-year-old Mexican man who is on a Homeland Security watchlist.”

He’s on a mission. “It has been reported that the subject’s intent is to kill a local law enforcement officer,” agents with the Border Patrol said in the bulletin, titled “BOLO-Officer Safety/Situational Awareness/Armed Suspect.”

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