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This Democrat City Is The Most CORRUPT CITY IN AMERICA!

Sometimes it is pretty hard to figure liberals out, especially when they try to say how well they run things.

Well, to be fair, if they are talking about a criminal enterprise they might be right. Hey, have to give credit where it is due. Just look at some of the things that have happened in the news in the past year or so in terms of how some cities have conducted business and you can see that they are the ones that are run by Democrats.

A new university report unsurprisingly ranks the indigo blue city of Chicago, Illinois as “the most corrupt city” in America. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her wife are hiding from the cameras. They had the top spot last year too.

A report which just out from the University of Illinois has some nasty things to say about their home state. Not only is Chicago the single most corrupt city in America, the state of Illinois is ranked as the third most dishonest state in the country. Conservatives aren’t surprised one bit.

To come to that conclusion, the college relied on data from the justice department, which looked at convictions of public officials from 1976 to 2019. No wonder Lightfoot is in hiding.

During the time studied, “Chicago had nearly 1800 convictions.” The government there is so corrupt the volume of their crimes edged out Los Angeles and New York. Those second and third place winners are also Imperialist controlled.

The study was performed by Professor Dick Simpson with help from Marco Rosaire Rossi and Thomas J. Gradel. They point out that 2019 was a rough year and Lightfoot is happy that 2020 numbers aren’t in there yet.

Federal statistics reflect 26 corrupt officials were convicted in total “in the Chicago-based Northern District, and an additional six were recorded across the state in 2019.”

According to the authors, “The statistics do not completely reflect it, but 2019 was a highly explosive year, during which some of the most important political corruption in the history of Chicago and Illinois was exposed.” Because a lot of cases are still pending, “statistics for 2019 did not come close to capturing the significance of that year’s corruption events.”

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