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Liberals CAUGHT Trying To Charge You To DRIVE YOUR CAR!

When it comes to going to work, one of the things that people all understand is it is entirely up to them, and their bank account, how they get there and end up getting back.

I have a friend that lives in Los Angeles for example, that has taken public transportation to every single job that he has ever had in the nearly 20 years he has lived there. He has a car, but it’s just cheaper and more time-efficient that way.

Myself, the last few years I have worked from home and my car is not getting as much use as it probably would have otherwise. That being said, it should be up to me how much  I drive and I shouldn’t have to pay some special price to drive it apart from the gas and the car payment.

However, like everything that you used to be able to do on your own, Democrats are looking for a way to charge you..

Gas prices have increased under the Biden administration, but now it might get even more expensive to drive your car. A proposal to tax Americans for mileage is being considered as a way to pay for the infrastructure/Green New Deal bill.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently spoke about the gas tax and the mileage tax:



This hits the middle class more than any other group of Americans—the middle-class commutes to work much more than all other sectors. Blue-collar workers will be hit hardest.

The far-left agenda is moving at rapid speed, and so far, it costs the middle class the most.

Everyone knows the Covid Relief Bill was just another bill filled with pork. It was a wish list for Democrats where just 9% of the money went to relief.

As if that multi-trillion dollar bill wasn’t enough pork, Democrats are coming back to the trough for more money. The infrastructure package is another multi-trillion dollar redistribution of wealth that Democrats are trying to push through. One Democrat just let the cat out of the bag on how Democrats plan to push through more leftist policies funded by you:

Swamp Democrat Ben Cardin was caught on a hot mic telling Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg that Democrats will “most likely have to use reconciliation” on an infrastructure package as they did with the Covid relief bill.

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