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What Biden’s Illegal Hotel Plan Is Going To Cost You Is Absolutely INSANE!

Want to tell you all about a vacation I took a couple of years ago with my family. My wife and I took our son and one of his friends on a trip for a few days and as is the custom, we had to get a hotel room.

Now, for a group of four people, we decided on going to this hotel that had a pretty sizable room and a little diner on the first floor that you could get the majority of your meals at if you wanted. It was great because you could just get breakfast there instead of driving. The name escapes me at the moment but finds yourself a place like that if you can.

Anyway, for the group of us, if you included the cost of at least one or two meals a day at the diner for three days we probably spent about three hundred dollars a day. Now, that was my decision and my wife’s decision to do that, and I wouldn’t ask you to front that kind of cash for my vacation.

I tell you that to remind you that right now the United States government is asking you to do that for people you don’t even know, several hundred times over….

If you are paying attention to the monetary costs of illegal immigration, you need look no further than a sweetheart contract to house illegal immigrants in hotels in the amount of $86 million dollars for just six months.

The contract calls for 1,200 rooms for that same six months. When you do the math, you find that the contract pays out $392.69 per person per night. That is more expensive than many 4 star hotels.

The rooms will be located on the Southern borders of Texas and Arizona. You can sleep two adults and two kids at the Best Western Plus Laredo Inn & Suites for $127 a night.

By contrast, a family of four illegal immigrants would cost over $1,500 a night. And that is before other costs are included that are provided by FEMA of $110 million.

The total cost for illegal immigrants a year is $136 billion dollars a year.

Former federal immigration judge Andrew Arthur writes:

On March 20, Axios reported that the Biden administration has entered into a six-month contract worth $86 million to house 1,200 migrant family members near the Southwest border in Texas and Arizona. That works out to $71,666.67 per migrant, paid by your tax dollars, meaning that you are now a co-conspirator to one of the largest smuggling schemes in history.

By the way, $71,666.67 divided by six months equals $392.69 per person per night. One night at the AAA-rated three-diamond Best Western Plus Laredo Inn & Suites for two adults and two children is $127.49 per night ($111 for AAA members), and includes a free breakfast, refrigerator, and microwave.

Were the president to want to house those 1,200 [family units] closer to his own personal residence near Wilmington, Del., the top-rated hotel there (according to Frommer’s, the site I generally use), the Courtyard Wilmington Downtown, is a bargain at $119 per night, again for two adults and two children.

Since February, Biden has released at least 23,400 border-crossers into the U.S. interior.

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