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Top Democrat In MAJOR Trouble! The End Is NEAR!

Friends, you want to know how you can always tell when someone in any position of power is almost on their way out the door? They do a lot of stuff that they don’t normally do.

For example, a friend of mine worked for a company that did business with this other, larger company where the guy in charge liked to do things on a handshake deal. When he found out that it was going to be about a month before he was going to be replaced, he went and put everything that he had agreed to in principle into writing so that his clients couldn’t be messed over by the new management.

It seems that there are a lot of Democrats that are getting things in writing these days…

A prominent Democrat is fighting for his political career as reports show him beginning to raise money to defend himself after news that organizers have collected enough signatures on a petition to place the recall proposal on the ballot.

California Governor Gavin Newsom may be ousted before his first term even ends, and the announcement that he is raising money to fight the effort shows he is nervous.

The recall isn’t definite as of yet. According to ABC7, “a series of bureaucratic checkpoints must be cleared before the secretary of state’s office determines that the requirements for scheduling a recall election have been satisfied. The agency is headed by Shirley Weber, a former Democratic legislator Newsom appointed in December.”

Organizers have confirmed that they collected over 2 million signatures since June, exceeding the 1.5 million signatures required to put the proposal before the voters, after a surge in support due to Newsom’s handling of the pandemic. County election officials now have until April 29 to verify the authenticity of the signatures, and give the results to the secretary of state.

Strategists on both sides expect the recall election date to be set for late fall, possibly November.

Newsom is claiming that he’s not worried. “I won’t be distracted by this partisan, Republican recall – but I will fight it. There is too much at stake,” he stated.

The governor and his Democrat allies are attempting to portray this effort as the work of Republicans and Trump supporters in an attempt to rally opposition from Democrat and Independent voters. Registered Democrats in California outnumber Republicans almost 2 to 1, which gives Newsom a significant advantage in this challenge.

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