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WOW! Republican Just Scored MAJOR Victory In Special Election!

I have worked for companies in the past where for whatever reason a boss or a supervisor just leaves for no reason or quit without notice. Hell, we had a shift supervisor one time at a place I worked that just went on vacation and never came back.

In situations like that, you can handle it easily and hire someone new. When it is an elected official, the majority of the time you have to hold an election in order to fill the void.

If that is one thing that Republicans do well, when allowed to fairly, is win elections.

A Republican scored a big win in a special election in Virginia, soundly defeating his Democrat opponent by a significant margin.

Despite Joe Biden’s claims that there may not be a Republican Party for much longer, it seems that the GOP is growing stronger. Travis Hackworth won the 38th Senate District seat with 76 percent of the vote, easily beating Democrat Laurie Buchwald to keep the seat in the hands of the Republican Party.

The seat became open after Republican Ben Chafin passed away from COVID-related complications in January.

“We showed Richmond that the 38th District is still a Republican district by more than 75%. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and do what we’ve always done: get to work,” Hackworth said during his victory party.

His campaign focused on “Southwest Virginia values,” such as Second Amendment rights, Christian values, and supporting the coal industry. Hackworth, a businessman and member of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors, stated that his main priority upon taking office is to craft policies that help small businesses, rather than big corporations.

“Travis is the right man for the job,” said Jony Baker, a supporter of Hackworth who was working at the polls in Big Stone Gap. “He’s going to be a strong supporter for our Second Amendment rights, for law enforcement, department of corrections and our Constitution.”

President Trump won 77% of the vote in the same district in the November election. Despite knowing this and knowing the district had a clear Republican majority, the Democratic Party of Virginia still put a lot of time and money into the special election, spending more than $95,000 on mailers alone.

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