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Ambulance Crews In Democrat Cities Now Being Told, “JUST LET THEM DIE”!

Many of us have grown up with the idea that if anything happened to us where we had to be loaded into an ambulance that we would be taken care of.

Well, it seems that liberal cities are making sure that line of thinking ends immediately.

Put it to you this way, there are some cities now that due to their inability to handle medical emergencies that if you get into an ambulance, you might not make it out alive.

In Democrat controlled Los Angeles County, ambulance crews are deciding if you’re worth taking to the hospital or not. LA hospitals are overwhelmed with flu cases and running out of oxygen. Their health officials ordered “not to transport patients that have little chance of survival.”

If you come down with Covid, and live in the Democrat paradise of Greater Los Angeles, you better get to the hospital before you get too bad.

L.A. County Emergency Medical Services issued a memo Monday directing ambulance crews to “conserve oxygen by only giving it to patients who have oxygen saturation levels below 90%.” Last week they issued orders not to “transport patients to the hospital who have virtually no chance for survival.”

When the ambulance crew gets to the scene, they are “instructed to attempt resuscitation for at least 20 minutes until the patient is stabilized.”

“If a pulse is not restored or if the person is declared dead at the scene, they are not to be brought to the hospital.”

Emergency rooms in LA are packed so tight that patients are being left inside the ambulance for up to eight hours before they can get inside the building.

The whole time, “those ambulances can’t respond to other emergency calls, including those not related to the coronavirus,” like gunshot wounds and overdoses.

Because Democrats can’t even clean the crap off their streets, health officials expect it to get much worse. Because so many people broke the rules to break bread with family at Thanksgiving, they can’t send an ambulance if you have a heart attack because of “the post-Thanksgiving surge.”

As related by L.A. County director of health services Dr. Christina Ghaly on Monday, they “do not believe that we are yet seeing the cases that stemmed from the Christmas holiday.”

“This, sadly, and the cases from the recent New Year’s holiday, is still before us, and hospitals across the region are doing everything they can to prepare.”

Even though the total number of deaths this year has been about the same as previous years, and Covid-19 isn’t much more severe than the normal flu, Ambulance crews and hospitals are suddenly overwhelmed.

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