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It’s HAPPENING…They Are All In Grave Danger!

Someone I used to work with when I was younger told me something that stuck with me to this day.

He said that when it comes to getting fired from a job, sometimes it isn’t always the ones that are complete screwups, because those people always seem to get second and third chances.

The people that usually get the short end of the stick are the folks that somehow get fired for doing their jobs..

President Donald Trump learned a huge lesson on Wednesday about what happens when you dare to tangle with the unlimited resources of the Deep State forces of evil.

The last opportunity for Congress to stand up and do what’s right ended up with them cowering under their seats as Deep State domestic terrorists arrived on scene, right on “Q.” Six brave Senators were caught in a political crossfire. They’re unjustly in danger of losing their seats and it’s not too late to throw them some cover.

Twelve Senators promised objections to the electors presented by each and every one of the contested states. By the end of the long session, only Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley carried the torch to actually sign and sustain objections for Arizona and Pennsylvania respectively.

When the votes were counted, six Senators who promised objections did the right thing by voting in favor but their political careers are still in danger. These six should be excused for what appears to be a lapse because their objections weren’t necessary by then.

During a day in lockdown with everybody screaming at each other, Congress managed to actually do some business and narrowed the issues down to something more manageable.

A whiff of danger in the air and the chants of patriotic Americans outside gave a certain sense of urgency.

Once the danger was over and the all clear given to return to their chambers, Cruz and Hawley were the only ones needed to force the core issues. By voting yeah, Senators Tommy Tuberville – AL, Rick Scott – FL, Roger Marshall – KS, Cindy Hyde-Smith – MS, John Kennedy – LA, Cynthia Lummis – WY, did their patriotic duty to the Constitution.

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