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DEMS DESPERATE! Thousands Of Ballots Found TOSSED Away In Trash!

One thing you always have to assume is that if something is happening on a small scale somewhere, it is happening on a larger scale somewhere else.

For example, if you live in a town where there is a police force of just ten people then if there is a much larger city with more cops than there are more arrests happening.

The Democrats are getting pretty desperate people. I have seen it before where a postal worker here and there will just not deliver a package to someone because they don’t like the person. What’s to say that Democratic operatives haven’t gotten to some people in the post office and given them some incentive to throw away ballots that might sway the election in their factor.

A Santa Monica man found dozens of mail-in ballots and other important mail tossed into two trash cans in an alley last week.

The man called local authorities who are looking into the scandal.

Democrats are working overtime to make sure 2020 is the most highly contested election in US history.
They are pulling out all the stops to cast doubt on the US election process.

The Washington Examiner reported:

A California man said he found dozens of mail-in ballots in two trash cans.

“I opened the trash can, and I see a lot of envelopes and ballots, especially ballot envelopes in the trash can, and I knew right away that was not normal,” said Osvaldo Jimenez, who found the mail last Thursday.

The trash cans are located in Santa Monica and contained several dozen ballots, as well as other mail such as bank statements and bills. All of the mail was addressed to homes in the area.

“I thought it was somebody playing a prank,” he said. “Nobody’s going to throw ballot envelopes in the trash can.”

Jimenez alerted authorities to his discovery.

“If it was my ballot in there I would want somebody to recover it,” Jimenez said. “Every vote counts, whichever party it is.”

Separately, authorities in San Bernardino County also reported two batches of discarded mail found on city blocks last week.

In Los Angeles, another person found discarded ballots near an ATM.

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