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BUSTED: California CAUGHT Funneling MILLIONS To Biden’s Pocket!

You would think that using millions of dollars in government funds for what is essentially a private purpose would be something that would have people out in droves calling for resignations.

Then again, this is California we are talking about here. I mean, there are honest politicians in the world but it seems like none of them would ever be caught lying into LAX.

I mean, I remember a local politician about 20 years ago getting raked over the coals for using a city vehicle to haul firewood to his house without paying for it. I can’t imagine what should be happening for funneling millions of dollars towards a private enterprise.

The State of California, under Governor Gavin Newsom (D), has authorized a contract to employ a Biden-linked Get Out The Vote organization to maximize voter turnout in that state using federal taxpayer dollars.

The office of California’s Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, announced in August that it awarded a $35 million contract to SKDKnickerbocker to execute the “Vote Safe California” effort, a Get Out The Vote campaign, and to produce materials that encourage people to take part in the November election.

SKDKnickerbocker declares that it is a “Team Biden” member on its website. Additionally, Anita Dunn, it’s managing director, is a senior aide for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign.

On its website there is a declaration on the front page that falsely accuses the President of racism, stating, “Donald Trump has been telling white Americans they should be afraid of Black and brown Americans.”

Further, the organization’s contract proposal on file with the California Secretary of State’s Office, specifically attack President Trump for his stance on the vulnerability of mail-in ballots, saying, “The President and his allies, including those in certain corners of the media, continually repeat false claims that voting by mail is uniquely susceptible to fraud…It’s not, and we need to make that clear.”

There has been a plethora of news reports that prove SKDKnickerbocker’s claim to mail-in voting being secure false, with instances of mishandled ballots in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, the Carolina’s, New York and Virginia.

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