Trump Deporting Mexicans To Another Country

President Donald Trump’s administration sent the Mexican foreign ministry into a tailspin over the weekend, with an email from the field office staff at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Everybody knows that deported Mexicans are likely to get off the bus and start walking north, right back across the border to try again. That’s why we’ll be sending Mexican border jumpers all the way to Guatemala.

The deal with Guatemala was made last July to allow immigration officials to “send migrants requesting asylum at the U.S.-Mexican border to apply for protection in Guatemala instead.”

Late Monday, Mexico’s foreign ministry sent off a blistering reply objecting to the plan, even though they have no way of stopping it. Their statement warned they will be “working with authorities” to find “better options.”

Some say that translates into contacting Soros funded globalist action groups and have them put pressure on their pet progressive lawmakers in the states.

Here at home, Democrats and open-border action groups have already started whining that “asylum seekers will face danger in Guatemala.” They also won’t have the red carpet welcome that the Obama administration rolled out for them.

Guatemala’s asylum office is “tiny and thinly staffed,” they say. “It lacks the capacity to properly vet a significant increase in cases.”

According to Alejandra Mena, a spokeswoman for Guatemala’s immigration institute, since November, “the United States has sent 52 migrants to the country.” They also got another plane load on Monday, this time it was 33 Central Americans.

The agreement applies only to migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico but no unaccompanied minors can be sent to Guatemala.

Ever since Mexico deployed it’s National Guard to keep their southern border secure, the flood of Central Americans to our border dried up to a trickle. That allows our border agents to focus on apprehending Mexicans.

Progressive activists were already upset over another move of the Trump administration. From now on, Customs and Border Protection will be taking DNA samples. A program started last year to help determine if groups posing as families were really related genetically will be expanded.

Under the new provisions, any of the DNA samples collected will also be sent in to the FBI for their “Combined DNA Index System.” That way state and local law enforcement can match DNA profiles to unsolved crimes.

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