Guy Lets A Bug Bite Fester For Days, Then Decides To Pop It. It’s Worse Than He Thought [VIDEO]

If you are squeamish in any way then I do not suggest this video for you. But if you think you can stomach the horrendous moment a man drained pus from his severely swollen arm after he was bitten by a recluse spider than more power to you.


The video was posted by Nick Hanson who is believed to be from Pennsylvania. In the footage, you can see Nick use a pin to release pressure from the bite and it only gets worse from there. Apparently, the bite took place while Nick was in Indiana and at the time he did not realize what had bitten him.


A small amount of pus begins rolling down his arm, prompting Nick to wipe the secretion away with a napkin. At first the process is rather slow, but suddenly more of the yellow substance begins oozing from the wound before a large amount spills down his arm, soaking the tissue.


By the end of the video the swelling has hardly been reduced and – if the sounds are anything to go by – the process seemed to have been a painful one.


The clip concludes with Nick changing his tactic and squeezing his arm like a spot to allow for the fluid to drain slowly. Commenting on the video, Nick confirmed that the bite was indeed the work of a recluse spider – he claims he was informed by two doctors.


Check out the entire video below.


H/T Daily Mail



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