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Democrats Guilty of Obstruction After Attacks on Attorney General William Barr … If We Hold Them To Their Own Standard

Syndicated from Elder Patriot’s POV – If those still supporting Democrats would abandon their partisan foxholes for just a few minutes they’d be forced to confront their own hypocrisy over their continued support for removing our duly elected president.

But they won’t do that.  It’s simply too difficult for many people to abandon their belief that the earth is flat or that the sun and planets revolve around the earth.  Even in light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
That is what Democrat leaders are counting on.  And, with the help of their media allies, they are intent on playing their now unproven Trump/Russia/Obstruction allegations to an ugly conclusion.


Why would they persist in pushing such a divisive narrative?

For the answer first consider their defense of Hillary Clinton who, because she escaped prosecution, was bestowed the title of the most investigated politician ever.

It is hard to argue that title now belongs to President Trump.

Four investigations – conducted by the FBI, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and, as Democrats told us, the definitive one by Special Counsel Robert Mueller – all yielded nothing but innuendo.

In particular, the special counsel spent 22 months attempting to construct an obstruction case against the duly elected president once it had been determined that neither Trump, nor his campaign team, had anything to do with the Kremlin.

Rudy Giuliani


An honest FBI Director would have attempted to verify facts that could be verified. But Comey never bothered to check whether Cohen was in Prague meeting with Russians. If he checked with the Passport Office, he would have found Cohen was never in Prague and Steele was a liar.

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Democrats contend that Trump committed obstruction of justice simply because he publicly complained about the effects the Mueller investigation was having on his presidency.

Let’s examine that argument.

Democrats say that by voicing his displeasure with the slow moving SC investigation – one that he knew was nothing more than a political stunt to damage him – Trump was somehow guilty of obstruction.

Their media allies advanced, on behalf of Democrats, that President Trump was guilty of obstruction on the basis that he had ordered White House Counsel Don McGahn, to fire Mueller.

But this never happened, leaving those determined to take down President Trump without an actionable offense. 

Even Mueller’s attack dog, Andrew Weissmann, known for his “creative” prosecutorial theories, couldn’t come up with a theory on which to charge President Trump.

Instead, the SC team punted on their legal obligations, to either charge or decline to charge, and submitted an open-ended 448-page document for strictly political purposes.

Following the submission of the Mueller Report, Attorney General William Barr moved to restore the legal standards that his predecessor Rod Rosenstein had long ignored in the interest of causing political harm to President Trump in this case.

Mark Meadows


Again, it cannot be stated enough: Bill Barr is following the law. Democrats are demanding he violate it—and then holding him in contempt when he doesn’t.

This is not serious. It is a political temper tantrum masquerading as oversight.

CBS News


Nadler following vote to hold AG Barr in contempt: “We are now in a constitutional crisis.” 

Embedded video

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Barr wrote a four-page summary while the appropriate agencies gave him input into what had to be redacted from the report for national security reasons and, of course, grand jury testimony, before he could release it.

For this, Democrats have begun a campaign to defame Barr.  Their media allies, fresh off of lynching President Trump for far less, assumed full 24/7 attack mode against the attorney general.

Now Democrats are moving towards impeaching Barr simply because he stated his intention to examine the origins of the FBI’s investigation of Trump.

What are Democrats afraid of?

If they were truly interested in holding presidents and members of their administration’s accountable for illegal behavior, Democrats should be welcoming the opportunity to prove that former President Obama ran a scandal-free administration, something BHO has bragged on.

What are Democrats hiding?

Dan Bongino


It’s difficult to find words harsh enough to condemn the atrocious actions of the Dems, Comey,McCabe, Brennan, & the media during Spygate. They knowingly spied on innocent Americans, falsely accused Trump of treason & then, to cover their tracks, initiated a fake obstruction case

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While their media propagandists cheer them on, no one is explaining how moving to impeach the attorney general doesn’t eclipse Democrats’ earlier standard for obstruction of justice.

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