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Anonymous Just Released A Video CRUSHING Biden’s Hopes For 2020 [WATCH]

Syndicated from Kirsters Baish| Anonymous has released an important open letter for master creeper, former United States Vice President Joe Biden.

Anonymous writes:

Greeting citizens of the United States Of America.

This is a message to former vice-president Joe Biden.

It is astonishing that your clean and revered public persona has remained intact over the years, especially with the #metoo movement that has begun to hold predators accountable for their actions. It seems safe to assume that your connection with the critically acclaimed Obama administration has afforded you a certain level of cover for your perversions, until now. Luckily, victims are now having the courage to come forward and expose you for the creep that you are.

After the first victim came forward, a second encounter has been made public where you invaded a woman’s personal space and made her feel uncomfortable. Anyone with an internet connection can see hundreds of images of you inappropriately touching women and sometimes even little girls. Some of these encounters and comments were even captured on film.

The anti-establishment news outlet continues on to warn, “The political establishment, and even a portion of the media has rushed to your defense to claim that you are just an innocent old man who has boundaries that are a little-bit looser than we are accustomed to here in the 21st century. You have claimed in your recent statement that you are prepared to listen to the complaints against you because we have reached a time in history where women are voicing their concerns about how they are treated.”

“Well, get ready, because you are going to have a lot to listen to as more victims come forward. A large number of your offenses have been committed on live television in front of the entire world, right out in the open,” Anonymous warns. “The evidence is everywhere, in the video below, there are various awkward moments captured on film. In one clip, you can be seen making a sexual remark at a 16-year-old girl after asking her age.”

Take a look at the following video footage of awkward Joe Biden moments:


Just take a look at the following February 2015 New York magazine slideshow of “nine times Joe Biden creepily whispered in people’s ears.”


Anonymous says of Biden, “You claim that you are more of a harmless old grandfather than a creepy uncle, but your voting record and policies supported during your time in office speak volumes about your true intentions. You have consistently voted in favor of war and prohibition, and have even voted against popular progressive causes like gay marriage until it became more politically viable for you to do so. For some reason, these policies are ignored by the majority of your base, who instead have decided to focus on your public persona, just as they did with Obama, ignoring the actual policies and instead focusing on the cult of personality that surrounds you.”

For more click here.

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1 Comment

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