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Sassy Driver Thinks She Owns The Road, Gets A HUGE Lesson She’ll Never Forget [VIDEO]

One trucker was hauling his load through Alabama when traffic started to gather in front of him.

Because an impatient driver wanted to get ahead – even if it was just one car-length farther down the road – she quickly cut in front of the large big rig before she got held up by another truck.



It is always annoying to watch other drivers abuse the rules of the road for their own gain. Perhaps, they weave in and out of traffic, putting theirs and others’ lives at risk so they can get to their destination 30-seconds sooner. But when someone stands up to these road hogs, we rise up and applaud them.

That’s what happened on this Alabama road. But it wasn’t exactly that the trucker got revenge, but the fact that the blonde cut off a semi-truck, which cannot stop quickly at high speeds. Apparently, she skipped that important day at her driver’s education class…


In the 1-minute clip included at the bottom, you’ll see footage from the trucker’s dash cam. Within seconds of the clip beginning, traffic starts to collect and the speed of moving vehicles begins to slow a bit.

Watch at the 15-second mark, when the blonde in her fashionable black VW Jetta tries to merge in front of the semi.


Because another truck is moving slowly in front of her, she decides to cut off a big truck and try to get to her destination faster – big mistake.

The big rig with the dash cam cannot stop fast enough. The driver swerves over to the left onto the rippled roadway edge, but the black VW Jetta refuses to give up an inch.




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