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Univision’s Ramos: American/Mexico Border Is Just An Invention!

There are so many things that are inventions that we all use in every day life.

Every morning I make coffee using my coffee maker. That’s an invention.

My garage door opener, that’s an invention.

Borders are an invention because they are a necessity because they keep people that aren’t supposed to be somewhere the same way that a locked door keeps someone out and a jail cell keeps someone in if that’s the way the situation warrants it.

The idea that someone wants open borders in between countries is an out and out laugh and it’s hard to understand how people could

Via Breitbart:

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos insisted on Tuesday that a border wall will not prevent illegal immigrants and drugs from entering the country and said Americans must accept that the U.S.-Mexico border is “nothing more than an invention.”

“No matter how much you might want to seal the border between Mexico and the United States, its simply not possible. You might temporarily stop, delay, complicate or hinder the flow of immigrants and drugs from south to north, but nothing will ever stop it entirely,” he wrote in his Tuesday Univision column. “Though it may upset some politicians who’ve spent years making false promises, this is the reality of the situation.”

Ramos, who has said that the United States has a responsibility to “absorb” Central American migrants, said that “if there is anything immigrants are known for, it’s for their innovative thinking. When they come to a wall, they simply go around it. Or over it. Or they find a ladder to climb it. Or dig a tunnel underneath. Or they arrive by plane and overstay their visas. Walls by themselves are pretty useless.”

“At some point we will have to accept the fact that the border between Mexico and the United States is nothing more than an invention. It was demarcated in 1848, following a war that cost Mexico about half its territory (it’s no coincidence that cities like Los Angeles, San Antonio and San Francisco have Spanish names),” Ramos said. “Also, it’s been said a thousand times that many people didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them. And the cultural and commercial ties between the two sides remain in place to this day. Look at the fellowship exhibited by cities like El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico even if barbed wire and concrete barriers have been erected in some places along the divide.”



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