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New Shopping Carts At Walmart SPY ON YOU While You Shop!

Depending on the Walmart that you walk into you get the sense almost immediately that there are devices tracking pretty much your every move.

There are cameras in the ceiling and just about every single place you can think of to deter theft, as well as big video monitors above the self checkout at some of them to tell people that they shouldn’t try stealing from them.

That would be fine if that’s all it was but the problem with technology these days is that there are stores like Walmart that want to install listening devices just about everywhere so that they can hear conversations that go far beyond whether or not you need more peanut butter.

Via AWM:

Each cart will have an array of sensors that follow your every movement, and even track things like walking speed and your body temperature.

Walmart’s new shopping carts will be able to track your pulse – so they’ll know when a good deal makes your heart race. The cart will also include a safety feature that can alert store associates if a shopper is about to pass out and injure him or herself. And the smart cart will also be equipped with a weight-triggered push feature that makes it super easy to push around a cart loaded to the brim with heavy, expensive items.

Walmart wants to know what makes your heart beat. They want to understand everything about you while you’re in their store. They will compile all this data onto servers that will then be analyzed. And that data might be responded to in real time. Imagine if Walmart could tell if you were “not satisfied” from your biometrics and then the invisible Big Brother alerted a store associate to help you.

Some people feel that technology can help shoppers. But most people understand that Walmart just wants to compile lots and lots of data about their customers so they can better market to them and get them to buy more items.

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