Starbucks Big Wig Makes SCARY Statement: America Is Not For Americans!

You can often tell about how well someone is going to do at something by looking at the way that they do other things.

When we try to hire someone for the temp position of running the country, we want to know that for the next 4-8 years that they are going to do as good as a job as they possibly can.

We want to know that they are going to have the best interests of the citizens of this country in mind.

Key word there is citizens. Sure, we’ll keep an eye on a wanted guest and make sure that no harm comes to them but if someone breaks into our house? They should be lucky they aren’t fired over the border in a big deportation cannon.

Now, one of the big folks over at Starbucks is thinking of tossing tall hat into the ring. Far as I am concerned, if if were up to me in the hiring process he wouldn’t even make it past the application process let alone the first interview.

Via Breitbart:

Starbucks investor Howard Schultz wants to get elected president and to amnesty at least 11 million illegal migrants in the United States.

But his justification for the amnesty includes no rules or principles that would prevent his huge amnesty from expanding into an open-borders policy which would benefit investors at the expense of white-collar and blue-collar Americans, said Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Schultz told 60 Minutes:

The country, first and foremost, is based on humanity, fairness, goodness. We have been for 200 plus years a country of immigrants, and for the 11 million people here, unauthorized, there should be a fair and equitable way for them to get in line, pay the taxes, pay a fee and become citizens of the United States.

“What I hear is not only platitudes about immigration and cliches about an amnesty being earned …  but a complete ignorance and disregard for the effects on Americans of unlimited immigration,” said Vaughan.

Shultz’s statement suggests that “there is no such thing as an American, and that America is just a collection of anyone who wants to come, rather than a nation with laws and unique culture … He is speaking as if the concept of an American nation is obsolete or never was there to begin with.”

Shultz also seems to think that Americans have nothing to say about immigration, she said. His statement “is all about the immigrants, and not about what is the best policy for our country.” For Schultz, “there is just no downside to unlimited immigration.”

The perspective is common among bankers and investors, such as Schultz, because they gain economically when the federal government imports welfare-aided consumers and cheap workers. Overall, investors tend to prioritize economic growth above Americans’ concerns about wages and salaries, crime and real estate costs, civic harmony, and government priorities.

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