New York To Spend MILLIONS Putting Illegal Dreamers Through College!

There are plenty of brilliant people that I know that never went to college that probably could have flourished in that type of environment where they would have soaked up as much knowledge as possible.

Growing up, my mother didn’t go to college until she was well into her thirties and my sisters and I wold be able to be at home by ourselves with no problems.

However, while she did have student aid there was a great deal of it that she probably had to pay for on her own which is why I remember her going to a community college.

Now, if you are someone that is a citizen of this country that either came here legally or was born here if you need financial aid for college you should be all means get it.

However, if you are someone that came here illegally and isn’t being deported due to a technicality you shouldn’t get one cent.

Via Daily Caller:

New York state lawmakers approved a measure that aims to dole out millions in taxpayer-funded aid to Dreamers — who entered the country illegally — attending college.

The now-Democratic controlled New York state legislature on Wednesday passed the Dream Act, legislation that would make thousands of Dreamers eligible for financial aid to attend public colleges in the state. The bill, which has attracted praise from Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, would cost $27 million.

The measure is “a slap in the face for all the hardworking taxpayers who play by the rules and struggle for the costs of a college education,” Republican state Sen. Daphne Jordan said of the bill.

Jordan was joined by other Republican state legislators in criticism of the Dream Act, who argued it would unfairly take money away from legal residents who struggle to pay their college tuition.

The bill had been introduced in the New York legislature before, but Republican control of the state Senate had prevented it from moving forward — until Democrats gained control of both chamber after the 2018 midterms.

“We do this as a symbol that you will be guaranteed an education and that the door to higher education is open to all children of New York State,” stated De La Rosa, sponsor of the bill and immigrant from the Dominican Republic.

While Cuomo has not yet signed the bill into law, he has expressed support for tuition for undocumented immigrants and he has already included his own version in the state budget plan.



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