He Stopped To Help A Stranger In The Rain, Then He Learned Who She Really Was

One thing that many of us were likely taught when we were growing up is to always help people whenever you can.

For starters, it is always a good thing to do whenever you see someone that looks like they might need some help.

About four months ago I was walking out of a grocery store when this guy who had to be eighty years old was pushing this cart with six large cases of water in it.

I looked at him and asked where his car was. I pushed the cart over to his car and loaded up the water for him. He looked at me and said thank you and that was that. I didn’t ask for money, I didn’t ask for anything other than for him to drive safe on the way home.

I do little things like that because I know that there might be a moment in time later on down the road where I might be that old guy trying to load water into his car and hope that someone would stop to help me.

Via AWM:

There’s nothing quite so inspiring as seeing people selflessly help those who are in need. When Chris Wright drove his family home from church one day, he saw a woman walking in the rain and initially thought nothing of it. When he got home, however, Chris couldn’t get the image out of his mind.

He dropped off his family and told his wife Carmen: “I have to go back. I have to help her.”

Chris’ need to help the woman, it turned out, made all the difference in the woman’s life — a real-life guardian angel was watching over her that day.

Carmen told CBS News that her husband’s decision wasn’t all that surprising, explaining: “You know when you have an urge and a desire something to do good? He was raised that way. He’s kind and generous to everyone. He’d never picked up anybody before, but he felt compelled.”

Chris wasn’t even sure he would find the woman, but he set off and found her, still walking in the rain.

Her name was TunDe Hector and Chris learned that she had no money and her car had run out of gas. He offered her a ride, filled her gas can, and even gave her the cash in his wallet before saying goodbye.

He was hopeful that his small act of kindness would help TunDe, but never knew just how big of an impact he had on the woman.

Three years later, Chris’ mother Judy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and he needed extra help to take care of his mom, as her health was declining. One of the nurse’s aides, they discovered, showed exceptional care and compassion for Judy, as Carmen explained: “She cared for her in the most respectful way. She had the utmost respect for human life.”

The aide was talking with Judy one day and remarked how the help of a stranger years earlier helped her turn her life around and fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. Chris realized it was TunDe and that she was describing the day he helped her in the rain!



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